Soul Food

This is a collection of stuff that feeds the soul of this Bolton-born young Gentleman.

White Boy Fresh since 1986.

By far and away the best thing I have ever done / be involved in. 
Big push got this over the line this week. Now the hard work begins…
Love this

Love this

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Can’t remember where I found this but… Just brilliant
Bit of light reading before bed. Josef Muller-Brockman is a hero of mine.

“Wise Universal Truth Allah Now God”“We Usually Take All Niggas Garments”“Witty Unpredictable Talent And Natural Game”

One if the coolest things I have learnt to do in a while!

It has been a minute since I last splurged on a new pair… So I had to get both c/w!! #IHeartCortez
Well played durex. You clever bastards
Office finds!


Next Gen Rappers

Amsterdam based designer Mink Couteaux has created these awesome illustrations showcasing raps newest and illest hip-hop artists. 


What ‘Specialist’ do you know writes a ‘p’ backwards?!? #IWillFixItMyself #misplacedCreativity
Ivan Belikov
Amazing illustrative work and comment on modern social network attitudes.
Pretty fucking brilliant
*Homer Simpson gurgle*
One for you @_tootle